June Cong

student always


I am currently a Sales Engineer at Yext, working to help healthcare systems around the country with their digital marketing initiatives.

I studied Business, Psychology, and Computer Science at the University of California at Berkeley, and I like to make things.



Tunemap was a project I did with friends at SD Hacks 2015. We wanted to make the music exploration process more customizable and transparent. Furthermore, we wanted to discover a new way to browse music - visually.

I designed and built the user interface of the application.

We were named one of the top 5 finalists.


Tourio is a curated platform for people to share the cities they love, and for explorers to experience the true nature of cities.

This was a final project for CS160 - User Interface Design at Berkeley. We built an Android phone and smartwatch app to take walking tours throughout cities.

We all collaborated on usability research and I was responsible for the UI/UX design and implementation of the mobile app interface.


My teammates and I attempted a BB8 modification for EE149: Introduction to Embedded Systems.

I built all mechanical aspects of the prototype as well as the algorithm for controlling how the robot translated computer vision input into relative directions.